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Custom Swimming Pool Construction

This team combines longevity, craftsmanship, hard work and energy in order to approach today's evolving pool industry. Read more about our services, below.


Poseidon Pools Hawaii is owned and operated by Brandon Dias

who has been building pools since he was 17 years old. He brings a vast experience of pool construction expertise, having worked as a foreman with some of the largest pool companies in the islands and being mentored by some of the most successful pool contractors in Hawaii. That time and experience taught him the value of hard work and the importance of a quality product. He takes enormous pride in the company's workmanship, and that pride is reflected in the quality of work that he and his staff produce.

image of construction crew preparing swimming pool

Excavation and preparation of ground for in-ground pools.

Our crews have years of experience in prepping the ground where your pool will be placed. Bonded and insured, our crews will use the professional-grade equipment to quickly and efficiently excavate the area for your new pool, and then create the new pool with shotcrete for optimum strength and durability.

Luxury infinity pools:

We can install a pool that lends itself more to lounging and relaxation over anything else. With a design that calls for tranquility and peace, the infinity-style pools create a relaxing environment for you to unwind after a long day. We can install your choice of pool tile to give the pool the color of your choice.

image of an infinity swimming pool
image of a swimming pool with a waterfall and water slide

Waterfall and slide features for entertaining:

Active lifestyles will want a pool that can offer all kinds of activity and enjoyment while still maintaining a pleasing aesthethic for entertaining. We can install a number of different waterfall options as well as integrating pools with a slide for families with kids.

Single-depth lap pools

For those that are more interested in having something that can be used as a lap pool, we can install a pool that is the same depth all the way around. This makes the pool more usable for play because less excavation is required and people can still swim, jump, and play in it without being concerned about a deep end.

image of a single-depth swimming pool
image of an integrated hot tub and pool

Integrated hot tub with swimming pool

Hot tubs are one of the best ways to unwind and relax while in the water. Many people enjoy having the option of having a pool at regular temperature, and then a separate hot tub for soaking. We can create an integrated hot tub and pool combination, or we can also install stand-alone hot tubs for you.

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